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Workshop Series on Digital Engagement for Artists & Creatives

For Immediate Release: June 29, 2020 Media Contact: Jessica Gelter, 802-380-5090

Arts Alive! Presents workshop series on Digital Engagement for Artists & Creatives

For the Arts Alive! July Artist to Artist series, the focus will be on helping artists of all sorts get going with online sales.
“It is complicated to rethink a business plan - without local venues, without the Sunapee Craft Fair, without local presenters, without Art in the Park, without festivals, without the open studio tours in the fall - how can you connect with the people who love your work, and how can you meet new buyers?” says Arts Alive! Executive director Jessica Gelter.

In these workshops participants will explore the ins and outs of online sales and marketing with Alison Wilder of Wicked Good Web, and wrap up the series with a workshop on how to apply for a grant that can help build tools for a business, with director of the NH State Council on the Arts Ginnie Lupi.

“And we’re going virtual,” says Gelter. “The pandemic has made us wary of gathering in an artist studio or classroom, which is our usual for artist to artist sessions.” Arts Alive! Will instead host its workshops on the Zoom platform this summer.

Presenter Alison Wilder works in Digital Strategy, Web Design & Development for Wicked Good Web and Punkt Digital. Alison is a technologist and entrepreneur with a strong background in web development and digital strategy. She brings a broad range of experience to her work, including PhD studies in music cognition at McGill University in Montréal, project management and leadership in the corporate music industry, data literacy work for arts professionals, web design and development, and music performance and composition. Alison is dedicated to helping her local economy thrive in a 21st-century environment.

The first in the series is called Online Sales 101, on July 6th at 2pm. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics about various web platforms, ways to generate traffic, how to engage website visitors, and converting visitors to buyers. This workshop will be led by Alison Wilder.

The second event will be Idea Swap: Fun ways to engage shoppers and sell your work.This is the session where participants will get creative together, share ideas, and talk about how they might be implemented or what digital platforms would come in handy. Jessica Gelter and Alison Wilder will facilitate the conversation. Gelter, director of Arts Alive!, says, “Lets imagine together new ideas and ways to drive traffic to websites and engage people in meaningful experiences in a much more virtual world.”

Wilder will return in full force for the third workshop of the series on July 20th, Don't waste your time: How data can show you what is and isn't working. She says, “Plenty of folks are going to "like" the cat memes you post. Does that mean they'll buy your work?” Wilder will lead participants through how to find the data on a website and social media page, and what it all means. Participants will learn what story the data tells about how people find an artists website and what leads them to sign up for a newsletter or even buy work online. “Data isn't the full story,” she adds, “but it's a great start to help you decide where to focus the precious time you give to marketing.”

Ginnie Lupi joins the Artist to Artist summer team, presenting A grant to build your business on July 27th. The NH State Council on the Arts offers a grant for independent artists to build their businesses. This could include a workshop, a portfolio review or a website update. Lupi, the director of NH State Council on the Arts will share with participants the simple application process for a grant of up to $1000 to support growing arts businesses.

Lastly, on August 3rd, Jessica Gelter will be available for One on One coaching at the Hannah Grimes Center. This opportunity is a follow up to the series of workshops to get one on one coaching, advice, or input on digital marketing strategies or a draft grant application.

Arts Alive! works in partnership with The Hannah Grimes Center to present Artist to Artist workshops. In these workshops presenters share tips and tricks to improve creative industry business practices - from Marketing and social media to selling platforms and copyright law, these workshops cover what artists need to know to run successful businesses. Thank you to our generous sponsors of this program: C & S Wholesale Grocers.


About Arts Alive!
Arts Alive! is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to sustain, promote and expand access to arts and cultural resources in the Monadnock Region. Arts and culture are community assets that enhance financial strength, health and wellness, and social capital in the communities where they are supported. Arts Alive is comprised of a broad range of arts and cultural organizations — museums, acting troupes, musical organizations, theaters, galleries — that share a common goal: to enhance arts and culture in the region.

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