New Objective for 2023

Positive News For You announces a new objective in 2023 to provide readers with more day-to-day practical information and help in their daily lives. Each week, followers of the news site will be able to find information on lifestyle, health, finance, and more.

What does this offer businesses?

You have worked hard in the business or industry you are in. Many of you spend considerable time training to become better in your field. You have studied hard to offer better service and provide better products and customer service.

Your business offers value to your community, and owner Lee Johndrow wants to honor that at Positive News For You.

In 2023, I started bringing on board what I call "Experts in their field." These are people devoted to their trade who want to let others know about what they do. (Not necessarily interested in the money because many readers will be out of their area.)

Here are some examples:
  • Bankers who want to share tips and help on savings, finances, loans, and more.
  • Real Estate professionals who want to help buyers buy, sellers sell and provide you with the information for both.
  • Restaurateurs and food professionals who supply tips, recipes, and insight into food.
  • Healthcare professionals offer you tips for better health, supplements, and medications, and exercise and regimens to better your health and well-being.
  • What do you offer and how can we help you?
Those are just a few of the suggestions. Lee will help you develop creative ideas that will show people the value of you and your business.

You will be given the opportunity to present your thinking through print, audio, or video. Each offer will appear on and appear on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. (You will have the ability to share on your own social media.) 

Imagine sharing your business and thought process with those who are seeking you out. (Each week, Positive News For You shares columns on financial tips that include budgeting and financial information.) Think about how many would be drawn to your column.
Each article will provide your tips, as well as who you are and company information. This information will receive full SEO processing in the article, driving more traffic to you and your company.

Each business receives a basic listing at no charge.