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The Focus Coach with Jeff Saari Podcast

New podcast — The Focus Coach with Jeff Saari — launched by local leadership consultant

Keene, NH: Jeff Saari, business strategy and team building coach at Workplace Culture Solutions is excited to unveil his podcast called The Focus Coach. In this podcast, Jeff talks about coaching topics like motivation, goal setting, communication skills, company strategy, and more. He also will be doing interviews on such topics. Take a listen, subscribe, and share! Visit to listen to his podcast at no charge (for a limited time). Also, if you want to be an interviewee on the show, reach out to Jeff to arrange it at 603-762-4866.

About The Focus Coach with Jeff Saari Podcast
What you focus on matters for your work/life balance success. Life is short, focus hard! In my new podcast, I will focus on personal and professional development to achieve the next stage of growth for you. You will learn what it takes to truly be successful at work and life. Stress is the paramount issue of our time, and we need to combat it wholeheartedly with a dogged focus on what matters to us most. Each one of us is a work in progress and the ultimate aim of the Focus Coach is to get so deeply balanced and rooted, so our well-being gets stronger over time. More well-being and balance lead to better outcomes. Lack of balance and stress leads to many negative health outcomes, none of which we really want. I will be exploring skills, mindsets, and strategies over time in areas such as stress management, goal setting, confidence, work/life balance, motivation, living from strengths, mindfulness, and many more. I will have a steady stream of incredible guest speakers, whose credentials and expertise and passion will get you pumped up to change. I will equip you with a ‘small toolbox for big change’ over time so you can immediately go from the podcast and into your life to implement things I talk about. 

By listening to this podcast you will become a better person. You will become more focused on your well-being as well as others’ well-being. You will decrease your stress and increase your peace of mind. Your intentional focus on what matters to you most will take your positivity and success to another level. You will be able to handle your strong negative emotions with more ease and turn them into productive service to your end results and outcomes that you truly want. Your engagement and change is my primary aim.

For business owners, executives, and managers looking to take their business or department to the next level, Jeff Saari can be reached at 603-762-4866, or sign-up on his website at

Whether it’s strategic planning, management training, or team building, Saari can meet your needs. Take advantage of his free 60-minute coaching session and learn how he can help inspire your strategy, leadership, and teamwork.

You can subscribe to The Focus Coach with Jeff Saari podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more. Or just ask Siri on your Apple product, “Siri, play the Focus Coach podcast”. 

Contact: Jeff Saari, (603) 762-4866 or

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