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Connor Business Resources (CBR) can help solve the challenges that most business owners face; lack of resources, no support, or planning and limited business acumen and experience.

CBR Gives Access
Offer businesses 24/7 access to convenient, useful training and resources

CBR Educates
Provide video educational sessions in 30 minute or less segments that tackle:
Creating a Business Plan
Developing a Strategic Plan
Review Financial Strategies
Improving Sales and Customer Service
Marketing Plans
Human Resources information
Management Enhancement
Creating the Right Team
Leadership Development
Improving Communication

CBR Creates Opportunities
Offer business professionals access to experts for 1-to-1 coaching and consulting

CBR Keeps You Informed
Give businesses the opportunity to stay ahead of the latest trends from industry experts.

We are a group of individuals that can teach and guide you on how to manage your business so you can reach that work/life balance that we all strive for in our lives.

The coaches and consultants that are part of CBR have a wide variety of expertise. These professionals have each been succeeding in their field for over 20 years. We have all worked with 100’s of businesses across the country and beyond. Just some of the areas of success; we have improved sales, profitability, increased the number of customers and created efficient, cohesive teams.

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  • Online Education
  • Business Resources
  • Coaching and Tools
  • Support and Information
  • Business Guidance


Online courses
Ann Connor - CEO Chief Education Officer
Michelle Connor - CPS Chief Problem Solver
Award winning coaching
OnLine Education and Training
Jeff Saari - Leadership
Stacey Nachajski - Marketing
Alyssa Pelow - HR Consultant AdaptivaHR
Carol Williams - Team Productivity
Management and Team Project Management
Alicia Williams - Marketing
Social media
Business Planning
Marketing plan
Gallery Image leadership-ts-100647856-primary_idge.jpg
Customer Service
Improve revenue growth
SWOT analysis
Retail Math
Coaching plan
human resources
formula for success